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Biophysics  & Embryology

Impact-Factor Knock-Out ! Dual Functional States of R406W-Desmin Assembly Complexes Cause Cardiomyopathy With Severe Intercalated Disc Derangement in Humans and in Knock-In Mice

H. Hermann et al., Circulation, 2020 Oct 7.

Où l’on comprend comment une mutation affectant la desmine, un filament intérieur dans les cellules, conduit à une maladie cardiaque et des problèmes intestinaux.

doi: 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.120.050218

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IN PRESS ! Shifting into high gear: how Interstitial Cells of Cajal change the motility pattern of the developing intestine.

Où l’on découvre les premiers soubresauts électriques des pacemakers de l’intestin et leur rôle dans la mise en place des réflexes digestifs.

N.R.Chevalier, Y. Ammouche, A. Gomis, C. Teyssaire, P. de Santa Barbara, and S. Faure, Am. J. Physiol.- GI Liver Physiol., 2020 

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Smooth muscle contractility causes the gut to grow anisotropically

Diana Khalipina, Yusuke Kaga, Nicolas Dacher, Nicolas R. Chevalier

Journal of the Royal Society Interface 16: 20190484, front cover of October 2019 issue.

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Embryogenesis of the Peristaltic Reflex 

N.R. Chevalier, N. Dacher, C. Jacques, L. Langlois, C. Guedj, O. Faklaris

Journal of Physiology front cover of 15th May 2019 issue, 597, 10, p.2785

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NEW! The First Digestive Movements in the Embryo Are Mediated by Mechanosensitive Smooth Muscle Calcium Waves

N.R.Chevalier, Philos. Trans. R. Soc. B Biol. Sci. 2018, 373

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 Mechanical Tension Drives Elongational Growth of the Embryonic Gut 

N.R. Chevalier, T-M de Witte, A. Cornelissen, S. Dufour, V.Proux, A.Asnacios, Scientific Reports 8, 5995 (2018)

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Hair-on-hair static friction coefficient can be determined by tying a knot

N.R. Chevalier,Colloids & Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 159 (2017) 924-928

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Emergence and development of gut motility in the chicken embryo

N.R. Chevalier, V. Fleury, S. Dufour, V. Proux, A. Asnacios
PLoS ONe, 12(2):e0172511 (2017)
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Physics of amniote formation

V. Fleury, A. Vaishnavi Murukutla, N. R. Chevalier, B. Gallois, M. Capellazzi-Resta, P. Picquet,  A. Peaucelle
Phys. Rev. E 94, 22426 (2016)
PDF – Popular Science Version (in French, CNRS website)


 How tissue mechanical properties affect enteric neural crest cell migration

N.R. Chevalier, E. Gazguez, L. Bidault, T. Guilbert, C. Vias, E. Vian, Y. Watanabe, L. Muller , S. Germain, N.Bondurand, S. Dufour, V. Fleury
Scientific Reports 6, 20927 (2016)
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Water jet indentation for local elasticity measurements of soft materials

N.R. Chevalier, Ph. Dantan, E.Gazquez, A.J.M. Cornelissen, V. Fleury
Eur. J. Phys E. 39, 10  (2016)
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Measuring the micromechanical properties of embryonic tissues

N.R. Chevalier, E. Gazquez, S. Dufour, V. Fleury
Methods 94, 128  (2016)
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Buckling along boundaries of elastic contrast as a mechanism for early vertebrate morphogenesis

V. Fleury, N.R. Chevalier, F. Furfaro, JL Duband
Eur. Phys. J. E 38, (2015)
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Physical Chemistry & Biomineralization

Super-hydrophobic powders obtained by froth flotation: properties and applications

N.R. Chevalier,
RSC Advances, 2017, 7, 45335
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Surface Tension Drives the Orientation of Crystals at the Air-Water Interface

N.R. Chevalier & P. Guenoun
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 7, 2809–2813 (2016)
PDF  –    Popular Science Version (in French)

Do surface wetting properties affect calcium carbonate heterogeneous nucleation and adhesion?

N.R. Chevalier
J. Phys. Chem. C 118, 17600–17607 (2014)
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When and Why Like-Sized, Oppositely Charged Particles Assemble into Diamond-like Crystals

K.J.M. Bishop, N.R. Chevalier, B.A. Grzybowski
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 4, 1507–1511 (2013)
PDF – Popular Science Version (in French)

CaCO3 mineralization under β-sheet forming peptide monolayers

N.R. Chevalier, C. Chevallard, G. Brezesinski, P. Guenoun
Cryst. Growth Des. 12, 2299–2305 (2012)
PDF – Popular Science Version (in French)

Monovalent cations trigger inverted bilayer formation of surfactant films

 N. R. Chevalier, C. Chevallard, P. Guenoun
Langmuir 26, 15824–9 (2010)
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Cryogenic Engineering


Design of a horizontal test cryostat for superconducting RF cavities for the FREIA facility

N.R. Chevalier, J-P. Thermeau,T.Junquera, R. Ruber et al.
AIP Conf. Proc. 1573, 1277–1284 (2014)
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Cryogenic system for the MYRRHA superconducting linear accelerator

N.R. Chevalier, T.Junquera, J-P.Thermeau et al.
AIP Conf. Proc. 315, 315–322 (2014)
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PhD & MSc. Thesis 


Influence de surfaces organiques sur la nucléation-croissance du carbonate de calcium et autres observations de nature physico-chimique

Thèse de Doctorat
 N. R.Chevalier, 2010
PDF (in French with abstract in English)

The influence of thermal noise on Liesegang pattern formation

MSc. Thesis
N.R. Chevalier, 2006
PDF (in English)


Popular Science & Science Education


NEW! L’embryogenèse dévoile un rôle du « second cerveau » dans la digestion

Article de vulgarisation paru le 24 mai 2019 à découvrir sur  le site de The Conversation, ici, et émission de radio à réécouter sur France Culture, .

Popular science article and France culture radio interview on embryonic development of the digestive reflex and the role of the « second brain », in French.



Le Mystère Hirschsprung

N.R. Chevalier,
Pour La Science , Février 2018
PDF – Popular Science Version (in French)


IYPT : Un Tournoi International pour Jeunes Physiciens

N. Chevalier, G. Toombes, P. Bottineau, Reflets de la Physique, n°19, 2010 PDF (short version, French)

N. Chevalier, Bulletin de l’Union des Professeurs de Physique-Chimie, 2010, n°920, pp. 91-96 PDF (long version, French)