I am a CNRS Researcher working in the field of biophysics and physical embryology, at Matière & Systèmes Complexes  Laboratory,  Paris Diderot University. You will find here information relating to my scientific activities.

Nicolas R. Chevalier

Hot Publications

NEW! Hair-on-hair static friction coefficient can be determined by tying a knot

N.R. Chevalier,Colloids & Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 159 (2017) 924-928

PDF – Popular Science Version (in French)


NEW! Emergence and development of gut motility in the chicken embryo

N.R. Chevalier, V. Fleury, S. Dufour, V. Proux, A. Asnacios
PLoS ONe, 12(2):e0172511 (2017)
PDF – Popular Science Version (in French)